What makes Chasing Tail different than other dog walking and training businesses?

Ally has taken the time to further educate her staff to provide every client with an experienced dog-walker, trainer or pet-sitter. She makes sure to spend plenty of time having employees train and shadow her while at work, as well as teach them specifics on pack management, dog communication and body language, aggression and how to prevent it, safety and fight protocols, and basic training skills. They are also required to take a course by PetTech which certifies them in Pet First Aid and Safety. Dog walking is not something you can learn overnight. It takes a lot of training, skill, patience, and understanding of dog behavior. We use our expertise and knowledge to make the best choices possible around every dog we meet, to ensure it is placed with the best pack possible for its needs.


Is it really that necessary to have my dog walked on a daily basis?

Absolutely! The more exercise your dog receives, the happier, healthier, and more well-behaved your dog will be. Don’t ever forget: a healthy dog is a happy dog! You may think that a potty break in the morning and a potty break in the evening after work is enough for your pet, but experts have proven that in order to fully maintain a doggy-life lived to its full potential, they need to be able to get out to exercise, keep a steady pace on a nice long walk every day.

“Every tail needs attention.”


Cats are self-sustainable, do I really need a sitter?

You know your cats more than anyone else does, but it is still proven that cats encounter stress and anxiety when left alone for too long. You may think “hey, my cat is alone all day when I am at work, I am sure he will be fine for a couple days..” NOT TRUE! Cats are just like any other house-broken pet, they need love an attention too! Even just 30 minutes on a persons lap receiving pets is enough to ensure them that everything is fine, and relieve them of any anxiety.