Dog Walking

Dreaming of the day you come home from a hectic 9-hour work day to be greeted by a happy, healthy, well-exercised pup? Well, then you have come to the right place!

Dogs are not much different than humans in the sense that they require both physical exercise, as well as the chance to explore and be provided with mental stimulation. If your pup is offered these stimulants on a daily basis, you can be assured that you will be coming home to a calmer, happier, and healthier pet.

Here at Chasing Tail we require one on one (complimentary!) interviews done in your home so that we can get an overall feel for your dogs needs. This way we will be able to place your pup in the best pack possible with other pup friends that share their same needs for exercise, play, etc.

Dog Walking Pricing

Individual Walk

1 Hour

  • Pick up and Drop Off
  • Done in clients neighborhood
  • Water/Food as needed
  • $35 per dog

Off-Leash Excursion

Field Trip

  • Pick up and Drop Off
  • Usually lasts more than an hour
  • Water as needed
  • $26 per dog

Double Duty

Two Field Trips

  • Pick up and Drop Off
  • Pup comes on both Field Trips
  • Water/Food as needed
  • $48 per day

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